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Aluminum Pellet

Time:2020-11-6 14:28:14


Product name: Aluminum pellet

Product spec: Φ2.0mm-Φ12mm

Standard: GB/T 3954-2008

Packing: 25kg/bag

The aluminum wire cutting pellet produced by our company are refined by drawing, cutting and grinding, aluminum shot has bright appearance, light specific gravity, low hardness and corrosion resistance. It can be jetted without abrading the surface of the product, and has significant whitening effect on the surface of workpiece.


It can do Surface treatment such as descaling, deburring, eliminating surface defects, removing internal stress, etching, matt effect, leveling, strengthening, rust prevention before spraying, etc in metal die casting, precision casting, hardware tools, machinery manufacturing, automotive parts, instrumentation, pump valve.

It can be used for surface spray treatment of aluminum, zinc or thin-walled workpieces, trimming and deburring of non ferrous metals.

It has significant whitening effect on the surface of workpiece.


Aluminum Pellet