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Tin Ingots

Time:2020-11-6 14:39:42


Number: Sn99.99 Sn99.95 Sn99.90

Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 99.90 99.95 99.99

Chemical Composition: Sn99.995%up

Alloy or Not: Non-alloy

Secondary or Not: Non-secondary

Sn (Min): 99.99%

Supply Ability: 1000 Ton/Tons per Month

1. Grade: 99.99% pure tin ingots 25kg per pcs with best price

2. Size: customer requirements

3. Standard: ASTM

4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ROHS

Product Name: 99.99% pure high quality tin ingots in chinese market price for sale

Material: 99.99% pure tin ingots

Color: Sliver

Standard: GB/T728-1998

Shape: Lump

Chemical Comp. (%): 99.99

Packing: 25 kg per pc


Packaging Details: Export standard seaworthy packing

Port: Tianjin port, China


1. Mainly used for electronic industry soldering.

2. Widely used as a coating material in high-precision electronic products, and other requirements of precision welding products, welding products, general electronics, food industry packaging, automotive and electrical industry, and high temperature resistant products.

3. In the float glass production, molten glass floating on molten tin pool surface is easily to be cooled and solidified.


Tin Ingots